AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow ★★★★

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Fitness room is located on the 20th floor of AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya in a spacious hall with panoramic windows.

There are simulators of Hoist, Precor and concept2 brands in the room. Both professional sportsmen and beginners can easily do exercises using them - each guest can set the level of the load depending on their physical state.



  • 3 treadmills
  • 2 elliptical trainers
  • 1 exercise bike
  • 1 multifunctional trainer
  • Training apparatus for the press
  • Dumbbells, weights

Every Guest can visit the fitness hall at any time: the hall is open around the clock and free of charge for hotel guests.

Join us on Strava!

AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya has created an account in the popular mobile app for the people leading active lifestyle - Strava.

It's main features are:
  • tracking physical activity during running and cycling;
  • monitoring your own progress;
  • friends search, support and motivation each other by social activities in the app.
Besides the app contains exclusive running routes in the Hotel surroundings - join here!